About the Baby B'Air Flight Vest

The Baby B'Air flight vest was conceived by Greg Nieberding when his infant niece was thrown from her mother's lap during turbulence. The flight vest is a soft cotton safety harness secured with military grade buckles and straps.

The flight vest is a child restraint system that has a loop on the back that attaches to your airline seat belt to secure your lap baby and to prevent your baby being injured during turbulence or inattention. 

If your travels include flying with your baby or toddler you can fly with them on your lap when they are under two years old. The greatest risk of injury to you or your baby happens during turbulence. A parent can not hold on to a lap child during the forces of turbulence if they are unrestrained. 

The flight vest provides a safe, comfortable, and cost effective way to fly with your baby on your lap. It provides piece of mind, protecting not only from unexpected turbulence but also prevents your child from falling to the floor if you let go of them or they pry loose from your arms. 

Why you need a Baby B'Air flight vest: 

  • Free your hands momentarily
  • A car seat does not fit properly on air plane seats; a loose or improperly installed car seat endangers your baby and nearby passengers 
  • No delays in security carrying a vest, unlike car seat that has to be inspected
  • Keep your baby secured on your lap during flight, preventing injuries sustained in turbulence or from falling off your lap
  • A car seat and other child restraints require purchase of an extra airplane seat ticket
  • Soft machine washable cotton material keeps baby comfortable 

How to use it:

  • Remove vest from package, unbuckle all buckles and place vest over baby's head with bear logo facing front. 
  • Loosen Velcro to adjust straps for proper fit (but not too tight), snap buckles on sides, bring strap between legs and snap buckle, then secure strap ends with Velcro. 
  • Finally, pass your airline seat belt through the loop and fasten your seat belt.

Please Note:

The Baby B'Air flight vest is for use by CHILDREN UNDER AGE 2 sitting on an adult's lap. 

Current FAA regulations PERMIT USE DURING FLIGHT but not during taxi, take-off or landing.

Not for use in automobiles.

About Our Company

Digital Three, Inc. is the company behind the Baby B'Air flight vest. Founded in 1999, Digital Three has become focused on baby safety for lap children on airplanes. 

Baby B’Air's mission is that no child under 2 would be in danger from turbulence on an airplane.  Working closely with airlines cabin safety professionals, pilot unions, Air Rescue Fire Fighters and the FAA, we brought this unique safety product to the public.

Everyone here at Baby B’Air wishes you the safest travel with your infant and an enjoyable trip for the entire family.