Can I use the BABY B'AIR® flight vest in a seat that has an airbag?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a Baby B'Air flight vest in a seat that has an airbag installed in the seatbelt. The way the airbag deploys could cause injury to your baby and interfere with the operation of the airbag if it inflates.

We also want you to be aware that no child safety restraint system or car seat could be used in that seat with an airbag seatbelt either. They are only properly tested and rated safe for adults.

Many newer and some older aircraft use the airbag seatbelt. Airbag seatbelts are often found in first class cabins and on some small airplanes like corporate jets.

Please call your airline's customer service to find out if any of the aircraft on your reservation comes equipped with these devices. However, be aware that sometimes the airplane scheduled for your journey may not end up being the aircraft you actually fly on; they are sometimes changed hours or minutes before your flight's departure due to maintenance or other issues.

The gate agents and cabin crews should be able to accommodate you if you discover you need to move to another seat.

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