Why does the FAA not approve the BABY B'AIR© flight vest for take off, taxi, and landing?

The FAA changed the existing regulations in early 1996, banning devices other than approved car seats during takeoff, taxi and landing. This FAA rule change DOES NOT prohibit the use of the BABY B'AIR© flight vest during the cruise portions of the flight. The FAA banned belly belts and other devices during take-off, taxi and landing because they could cause more harm than good.

Since the vest has been designed to address the specific safety concerns of aircraft, Baby B'Air is working to win approval of our product so that it may be used during the entire flight. Until that rule is changed, the vest cannot be used during takeoff, taxi and landing in the U.S. The applicable FAA regulation, known as a CFR, is clearly marked on the back of each vest for the benefit of the parent and flight personnel. These regulations may also be found in the card that came with the vest. It is a good idea to keep this card handy when you use the vest on any airline.

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