Current regulations and permitted use

Current regulations DO NOT restrict the use of the Baby B’Air Flight Vest® during the cruise portion of the flight, when over 90% of all injuries occur. However the vest may not be used during take-off, taxi and landing in the U.S. Prior to the product’s introduction, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned all child restraint devices other than approved car seats during take-off, taxi and landing period. Since these devices were not specifically designed for aircraft use, they could cause more harm than good. Baby B’Air Flight Vests® patent pending design addresses these safety concerns.

Until this rule is changed, the Baby B’Air Flight Vest® cannot be used during takeoff, taxi and landing in the U.S. These regulations are clearly marked on the back of each vest for the benefit of the parent and flight crew. If you have any questions or problems please e-mail us or call 1-800-417-5228.

The FAA acknowledges use of the vest during flight.

The FAA acknowledges that carriers may be used during flight and that they may prevent injury associated with turbulence. This information was posted to the FAA website by our request! However you should consider that ordinary carriers may actually cause injury at certain times. The Baby B’Air® is designed to address the safety concerns found in aircraft. The FAA confirms permitted use in the Installing a CRS on an Airplane section, paragraph #2, on the FAA website page about Flying with Children.

For technical reference please consult the full version of 14 CFR Parts 91, 121, 125 and 135. Many major airlines have amended their training and manuals to inform flight crews that Baby B’Air® is being used by passengers in accordance with FAA regulations.


The Baby B’Air Flight Vest® has been tested for strength by an FAA-authorized testing laboratory. In strength tests, the Baby B’Air Flight Vest® was shown to withstand forces in excess of 17 times the force of gravity, which exceeds FAA-mandated strength standards for the aircraft seats themselves. The Baby B'Air® is tested to meet or exceed FAA seating requirements for aircraft seats.

Patent Pending.

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