What is the Refund, Return, or Exchange Policy?

Regardless of the reason, we want to make sure you are satisfied. If you have any issue with your flight vest that was purchased from our online store, you may return it for a refund of the product cost or size exchange within 60 days of the date you received it. We'll also provide a pre-paid return shipping label to send your vest back.

To Return a Product For an Exchange or Refund Follow These 4 Steps:

  1. Let us know you want to start a Return Request by doing one of the following:
    • visit and complete the form at our Returns web page,
    • email us at info@babybair.com that you want to return a vest,
    • call us at 800-417-5228 extension 737, or
    • send a text message to 214-559-3443
      • If sending an email, text, or calling, please include or have ready the following:
        • First and Last Name
        • Email Address
        • Order Number
        • Reason for the return
  2. Repackage the flight vest as best you can for return shipping, we prefer you return everything in the original packaging, but we understand if you can't. You can:
    • place it in its original poly mailer bag
      • use ample tape to seal it in, if possible
      • make sure the original shipping label is covered or completely marked out
    • Get a free small white and red Priority Mail (not Priority Mail Express) flat rate mailer box from the US Post Office or any mailing store. It won't fit nicely in a small box, so it's okay to fold or bend the packaging to make it fit.
    • Ask us for a new poly mailer, we will mail you one along with a label
  3. Get a return shipping label. Your options are:
    • Visit our store's Automated Returns Portal, hosted by ShipStation, to download a pre-paid return shipping label to your computer so you can print it from your printer. (This option is only available if you bought your vest on babybair.com)
    • Ask us to mail you a pre-paid return shipping label; with or without return packaging.
    • Visit your favorite shipping center and pay for your own return shipping service. (This is a better option if you need your refund processed sooner, don't forget to select an expedited service for your chosen carrier.)
  4. Put it all together and give it to your mail carrier, drop it off at the Post Office or a Post Office drop box, or leave it with a mailing store.

We will process your refund within two business days of receiving your returned product, but only if you've already filled out a Return Request or contacted us as listed above.

We will notify you when:

  1. we receive your return request
  2. we receive your returned product and completed our refund process.

Depending on the return method, it could take from 2 to 14 days for funds to appear in your account, after we've processed your refund.

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