Flight Safety Tips For You and Your Baby

  • ARRIVE EARLY! This will also allow you to pre-board with some airlines plus extra time for security check.
  • IN YOUR CARRYON: Formula or baby food, spoon, snacks, bib, juice, bottles, baby pain reliever, pacifier, extra diapers and change of clothing, plastic bag for dirty clothes and baby blanket. Baby essentials are nearly impossible to find in airports! Formula, breast milk, juice, and other essential baby liquids are generally exempt from the 3-1-1 liquids rule (less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml)
  • LAP CHILD: Seat child away from aisle in window or middle seat. Airline carts can injure a baby’s arms.
  • CAR SEAT: You must buy a separate airline seat to use a car seat, labeled for use on aircraft. Make sure seat is properly installed. 75% of car seats are improperly installed, making them dangerous to baby.
  • TAKEOFF & LANDING: Nursing, a bottle, or pacifier at these times will reduce pressure in baby’s ears.
  • IN FLIGHT:Fly during naptime so baby is used to sleeping during time in the air. Don’t forget a small, soft toy.
  • AGE GUIDELINES: Children up to 24 months can fly free on parent’s lap. Healthy children over 6 weeks can fly safely. Check with your pediatrician.

Check TSA's website for tips about traveling with children and liquids exemptions for carry-ons with babies.

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